Is your dog sleeping in your bed?

If you have a dog as a pet and this pet is sleeping on your bed with you then you should stop him now. So many people love to sleep their dog with them on the same mattress but experts say this is wrong. You should buy a different mattress for your dog. He can’t sleep with you, because this is harming your health. You can’t share pillows and blankets with your dogs.

Risks of having your dog on your mattress

Today I will tell you all the risks you may have due to having dog in your bed. Dog is a creature who roll too much when he is in sleep. So if your dog in having too much weight or you have very big dog then you may never allow him to sleep on your bed with you. Because in sleep when he will roll there are 90% chances that you will definitely come under his huge body. This will crack you like a peanut. Second reason is dog hair. According to doctor’s dogs hair are able to attract all types of bacteria and dirt. You may notice that when your dog sleeps on your bed he left so much his hair all around. This hair can also go into your stomach through your mouth. This will be very dangerous for your intestine. This may also lead you towards the door of the GOD or death.

Mattress for Dogs  

You have to buy a different mattress for your dog which is made for them only. Dogs have different body structures and sleeping habits, so that their mattress will also have different texture than yours mattresses. Yes there are a lot of companies who made mattress for dogs. First you must know your preferences like you want it for a small dog or big dog or fast growing dog etc. Make sure your dog is also having a good and happy sleep like you. Bring him a new mattress today to save your health and his happiness. It is also advised the buyers to check the bestmattress-reviews to get a clear picture about the mattress you want to buy.